What do you need to buy for your projects? Links & more!

I think the biggest question I get from crafters revolves around what to buy to paint and assemble my DIY projects.

  • "What paint brush do I need?"

  • "What kind of glue should I use?"

  • "Do I need a special paint?"

Look no further! Here are links to my favorite supplies. 



I like foam brushes the best. I feel like they control the paint more when gliding across a larger surface. They also don't leave bristle drag marks which is a big plus to me. I buy them in bulk on Amazon but you can purchase smaller packs at Michaels (or other craft stores, Target, Walmart, etc).



Let's set the record straight. I honestly HATE painting. It's definitely not my favorite thing. If you ever wondered why I don't sell painted items...now you know! The very best thing that I've ever discovered is acrylic paint pens. If you haven't seen my video on Instagram yet - check it out. They work for pretty much everything and come in several sizes. I pretty much only use standard paint to do backgrounds now. 

2-3mm tip

1mm tip (these are great for smaller details on pieces like the Interchangeable Gnome)

Acrylic Paint (this is what I use for backgrounds and larger pieces)




 I use super glue...and I stick my fingers together on the regular. I prefer Gorilla brand but I don't think you can go wrong here. 

Gorilla Super Precise Gel (this is my first pick)

Gorilla Super Glue Gel (I use this one regularly, too)

HOT TIP FROM MY MAMA! Nail polish remover gets super glue off your skin.


There ya have it y'all! Nothing super complex or overly fancy. I try to keep it as simple as possible. I also have a Supplies 101 video, if you need more info. 





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